Our History

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Wanting to start your own business through the Internet may be one of the best ideas you have, and the best investments you can make in your life. But it isn’t as simple as many can imagine, because behind every brand and website there is a lot of work and many people involved.

There are some things you must first take into account, such as the name you will use, the design of the page, how you will carry out the marketing, choose a business model that works for you and many other things.

Ideas that make your page stand out from the others, had something that attracts attention and people value the attributes and difference in online businesses between your own niches.

And for this, you will have TruTech, a website created by entrepreneurs that can provide the best service to create your own online business and how to carry the marketing area.

We are a group of people specialized in the area of marketing and business; we also try to undertake this project for some years to help other people like us who wanted to start their own business, who want to make a difference.

We will be in delighted of assisting you, through our data, you will be able to get in touch with us. My name is Loretta Gazaway and thank you for believing in TruTech.