6 Cheap Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Marketing is a strategy that should be used in any type of business to be successful. In this way use the influence so massive like these social networks and the internet in general to gain recognition and good reviews about your product or service in particular.

And for this you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to implement it; there are some tactics that you can do it. Here we bring you some cheap marketing solutions for small businesses:

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Ad Promotion Credits

Ad promotion credits are one of the best ways to massively publicize your brand. But, although many offer this service at an exorbitant price, there are many pages you can find at a good price, even with discounts through Google.

Socially Active

You must bear in mind taking care of your social networks and your website should become your priority practically, where you must be connected in all possible social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and many others so they can find you in different places.

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The infographics is a good way to attract more people because they’re curious and very attractive. People like to share this kind of stuff, so you should have a designer who can create original and attractive infographics.


Virtual contests are a way that attracts many people, that’s even a tactic many brands are using to make themselves be known or simply to attract more customers. It’s an investment that will be worth it. It shouldn’t even be something super expensive or big. They can be small details or gift cards.


Partnerships between colleagues are something very common in the business industry where it’s even nice to see as it clears any competitive image. You can also associate with others who have a business also related to your own niche so they can get to know one another.

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Publish Constantly

This is paramount, especially for new companies that still don’t have enough recognition. The internet is the main platform on which you must focus in order to promote what your brand offers.

And it has to be a totally original, creative content, that attracts attention and attracts people, which make them interested in knowing what you’re offering, with attractive images and in good quality to call their attention in social networks. And all of this must be done every day, constantly, so you can earn more followers to become customers.

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